zweetsportblog.com has arrived & it’s been a fabulous journey getting here.

If you don’t’ know much about us, we are two best friends who decided that our wardrobes were suffering on the account of little, to no “REAL” hot yoga apparel.  Thus, ZweetSport was born.  It started with us scrounging around in local fabric stores, sewing in our basements, and brainstorming ideas over coffee, and grew to us meeting some amazing people, learning how to import fabric from overseas, and promoting our line while traveling in Rome, Italy.  In a nutshell, we’ve come far people, and it’s all in the quest to create literally the hottest line of yoga apparel in our power.  Oh the stories we could tell you.

The purpose of this first blog is not just to announce the launch of ZweetSport’s website, one that we’ve been working on for longer than I care to admit (although that’s what happens when you have two type A business partners…it’s never “perfect enough..), but rather to give a face to Zweet, and to share with all of our loyal Facebook Fan followers, friends, family, and mentors the triumphs that we’ve accomplished together.  Zweet is not just about its inventor’s, but it’s also about all of you.

If someone had predicted that in 2 years we would be launching a clothing line, I would have told them to get their crystal ball repaired.  It’s been such a whirlwind, that sometimes it almost doesn’t seem real.  To put things into perspective, a year ago I was juggling Zweet while still continuing my work in banking & my partner was juggling a VP sales position.  There were certainly hard days, weeks sometimes where it felt like we were stuck in quick sand.  But always, in the midst of despair, nights where one of us would look at the other and start to laugh out of mere frustration, there always seemed to be a breakthrough to save us.  I suppose from an outsider looking in, they were more like “mini-breakthroughs” but to us, they were monumental.

As you look through the newly launched site today, know that there is a story behind every piece you see.  An inspiration, a thought, a stylish motive maybe – but also know that there is gusto in this company in what we create.  This is the beginning of our fashion diary.

Welcome to the House of Zweet.

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