Ways to Enjoy the Summer Party Scene without Packing on Pounds!

Ahh, summer. The season that is full of trips to the beach, warm weather, sun, late night parties, and of course, cookouts. Though in the summer we all want to look our best, especially in our bikinis on the beach, sticking to our diet and exercise plans can be quite tough. Let’s call summer the “season of temptation.” For many it is hard to turn down a good time at a summer party. All of those freshly made margaritas and daiquiris, along with snack food can really be extremely tempting. If you want to be able to enjoy the summer party scene without tipping the scales, take these tips to heart and keep them in your back pocket.

Drink Low Calorie Drinks!

Let’s face it, most alcoholic drinks are jam-packed full of calories, especially the ones that tend to be summertime party favorites. Frozen drinks, daiquiris, margaritas, rum and Coke, beer, and other popular summer drinks are all loaded with calories. Drinking your calories is never a good idea, so try your best to stick to drinking wine, champagne, low calorie beers, or straight liquor such as vodka, rum, gin, and so on. Even with low calorie drinks, practicing limitation is a must.

Say No to Snacking!

At parties and cookouts, there are bound to be all sorts of snacks, many of which do not fit into your diet plan and are calorie dense. Chips, crackers, and cookies are definitely the three C’s to stay away from this summer! If possible avoid snacking at all costs. However, if there are healthy and low calorie snack options such as fruit, eat a small plate. This way you don’t look or feel awkward while everyone else is snacking. You could also choose to pack healthy snacks that fit into your daily calories.

Leave Slacking at the Door!

In the summer you probably want to enjoy the sun, the food, the drinks, and the company of friends and family as much as you can, and while there is nothing wrong with these things, they aren’t get out of exercising cards. If you know you will be attending a party or cookout in the afternoon/evening, you will need to push yourself to exercise that morning. No party should ever cause you not to exercise as this will only lead you on the path to gaining weight and losing focus.

Don’t let summer be your downfall! It is very possible to enjoy the party season without gaining a single pound!

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