About Zweet Sport

Zweet Sport is a high end active wear company that is dedicated to providing fashion forward designs with incredible fit. We carefully select every element that is incorporated into our products, as we feel that quality doesn’t just come from the way a garment looks, but also how it feels. Zweet Sport’s collection is ideal for any fitness or sports activity, as all of our garments provide a wicking agent that keeps skin feeling dry. Our garments will not sag or lose shape once damp from perspiration, nor will they lose their original fit. In addition to that, Zweet Sport is committed to supporting the green initiative. We purposely do not package our products in any type of plastic, cellophane, or harsh non-biodegradable material.

Our Vision

At Zweet Sport, we demand and expect the very best out of each and every product we deliver. We are dedicated to providing high quality, fashion focused designs that promote the inner athlete in all of us.

Our Products

All merchandise is made with love and care in the FABULOUS USA! ZweetSport is perfect to wear at your next Bikram, hot yoga, Pilates, CrossFit, barre, pole dance, spin or gym session!