Can I Use a Massage Chair Pad Everyday?

A massage chair pad is a fantastic product that can be used everyday in your workplace or home. The device is useful in providing an instant massage that makes a person more relaxed and stress-free. There is no rule to use the massage chair; one can use them whenever they want to. Massage is always beneficial, and there is no particular time for massage in our perspective.

Moreover, daily massage can be harmful to those who are dealing with certain health disorders. For such people, it is advisable not to use more than twice a week. It can affect their hormonal growth leading to some moon and behavior changes.  Keeps it working for at least 15 minutes so that your body can acquire maximum benefits. Massage chair pads come with the latest technology technique that works automatically.

Using a massage chair regularly can help you with lots of health benefits, but we still advise you to use it according to your health needs or after being concerned with a doctor. A person with no health issues can use such a device up to 3-4 times a week. It will work best with them, and if you are dealing with any back or neck pain, you can utilize it for 4-5 times a week. Let’s go through some additional benefits of using a massage chair.

Can I Use a Massage Chair Pad Everyday?

How do massage chair pads work?

  • A chair pad is like a cushion that embraces some vibrations, which stimulates the muscles to relieve tension, thus improving blood circulation. A massage pad works through the rollers and nod that is effective in the overall development of body parts. The Professional’s advice to use the chair is in short intervals. The intervals can be as minimum as 5 minutes and as long as 20 minutes.
  • Twenty minutes are more than enough to get the best results like comfort and relaxation to aching muscles. Most massage chairs in the market are available that work on specific body areas such as the neck and back, and some provide full-body massage therapy. If you wish to enjoy the massage’s soothing sensation, using it beyond 20 minutes can affect your pain and exciting injuries and can even cause some new injuries due to excessive use.
  • It turns out it is actually detrimental to your muscles to excessively using your massage chair. Every product has some good and bad things, and using a chair pad can be beneficial when used correctly and in moderation. It is advisable to use a chair pad under prescribed guidelines to reap the endless health benefits.
  • Over usage is known to lead to muscle inflammation, and damage, and bruised tissues. Sitting on a massage chair for a longer duration of time has no advantages. Sometimes, people consider using a massage chair for a long time to get them extra relaxation, but this is not true. A person can gain a maximum amount of benefits when he uses it for short time durations, rather than long hours.

Benefits of using a massage chair!

  • Instant relief from pains: – a person can get quick relief from back and other body pains. Sitting for too long can cause various kinds of distress in the body. People who work for hours without making any movement are among those who complain about various physical and mental health issues. Such a lifestyle can make those people obese and unfit. The excessive weight can lead to muscle stiffness and shoulder aches. A massage chair can help those people to get some instant relief from pain. Massage chairs effectively deal with any kind of chronic pain, but still, if you are using without concerning a doctor, then it’s your choice. Most of the massage chairs come with proper labeling and guidance; following such information can help you know better how much time it is ideal for usage.
  • Improves blood circulation: – The chair pad’s primary function is to improve blood circulation in the body. By this, it provides some relaxation to the nervous system. A massage pad reduces muscle fatigue; therefore, it is the best option for drivers who drive long hours.

People who have a sitting job can use them without any doubt. It will make them feel more energetic, thus increase the productivity of the work. The best massage chair pad provides freedom from chronic pain issues as it perforates deep into the muscle layer and aid in speeding up healing from illness and injury.

Apart from this, it reduces symptoms of disorders such as asthma, carpal tunnel syndrome, temporomandibular joint dysfunction, arthritis, and myofacial pain, acute pain syndromes, headache, and athletic injuries. It also improves the lymphatic drainage of metabolic wastes.

Avoid massage chairs in these conditions!

  • Using a massage pad while sleeping is not an ideal option as it can cause bruising of the muscles. Another is during pregnancy, as many doctors suggest not using massaging products during the first trimester. You can use such products after concerning with a medical professional. Many times it is observed that women who use the device in their pregnancy lead to some issue.
  • In some cases, it affects the fetus; therefore, it is not useful before using it in these conditions.  Moreover, it is advisable not to use it while driving a car. You can use it when you are in a stationary position or traveling as a passenger.  If you have any kid at your home, try to avoid them using it.
  • The body of kids is more sensitive, and they might not need to use them in their early life stages; it can cause some internal injuries to kids. Some best massage chair pads are available on the web easily today, so you can grab any according to your need. Massage pads come in varieties of shapes and sizes that are much affordable. Make sure you read the guidelines for using a massage chair.

Final thoughts!

A massage chair can be used ideally for relaxation and massaging purposes. If you have any physical and mental health problems, you can avoid using it for more time.

How Do You Tell if You Need a Clarifying Shampoo?

In your daily routine, you don’t remember to clarify your hair properly, and when they get damaged, then you remember to wash them. When you feel that your hair gets frizzy or dirty, then you clarify your hair, but it’s wrong. It would be best if you made a proper routine of clarifying your hair once or twice a week, which helps you to keep your hair safe and bacteria-free. There are various types of shampoos present in the market, which help you to clarify your hair.

Shampoos are the best way to clarify your hair with proper nourishment and moisturizer. You need to check first whether the shampoo is good for your hair or not. There is best clarifying shampoo for fine hair available, but it’s your responsibility to find the suitable one for your hair. There are different types of people present in this world, and according to that, they have different hair textures.

How Do You Tell if You Need a Clarifying Shampoo?

When people find a need to wash their hair, then they clarify them, but there is a need to know various signs that your hair needs a clarifying shampoo.

Signs that show your hair needs a shampoo

After wash still hair feels dirty

  • When you wash your hair with normal water, and still you find them dirty and rough, then it shows that you need a clarifying shampoo.
  • Clarifying shampoo helps you to give a soft and shiny texture to your hair, which helps to keep them safe.
  • When you wash your hair, and after getting dries, still they look oily and dirty, then it’s because of natural oil build-up.
  • It would be best if you fixed time for clarifying your hair, whether once or twice a week, so that your hair gets proper nourishment.

Your highlights look dull

  • When you wash your hair, and after some time you find a dull texture of your hair, then it means you need to clarify your hair.
  • Shine and softness in your hair are all necessary things to show your hair more beautiful and mild.
  • When the shine of your hair goes then, you should wash them to give them a new shine again.

Your hair won’t hold a style

  • When your hair is not picking any form or not getting settled, then you should clarify them once with the best clarifying shampoo for fine hair.
  • Clarifying shampoos helps you to get smooth and shiny hair for making any style or look.
  • Styling your hair is the most important part of your life as it makes your appearance look more attractive and different.

Over usage of Dry Shampoos

  • If you keep on using a dry shampoo without oiling your hair, then it can lead to dry and dull hair.
  • Over usage of shampoos can make your hair more rough and hard, so to keep them safe, you should use shampoos once or twice a week with proper oiling.
  • Dryness of hair can lead to dandruff as it affects the scalp and makes your scalp more hard and rough. The hardness of a scalp can make your hair drier and tend to severe hair loss.

Shampoos for Fine Hair

Avalon Organics Clarifying Lemon Shampoo

  • This shampoo contains gooseberry and lemon, which are best for your hair and helps to stop hair fall and gives a proper shine to your hair.
  • It very famous due to its cheap rates and also easily affordable by different people.
  • This shampoo is the best for fine hair to keep them clean and safe from various germs that take place when they don’t get cleaned.
  • These two ingredients are the best to clean your scalp as well as hair. Because of these two ingredients, this shampoo is the best clarifying shampoo for fine hair.

TRESemme Purify and Replenish Deep Cleanse Shampoo

  • For a pure cleansing of your hair, this shampoo is the best as it helps to clean up your hair as well as scalp.
  • This shampoo makes your hair texture so soft and smooth, which is a good sign for your hair to have safe shampoo.
  • The oil which gets build-up naturally can make your hair more rough and hard, so this shampoo helps to remove that oil deeply.
  • TRESemme is the deep cleanser for hair along with the other beneficial qualities.
  • People love to have such shampoo as it provides a clean and safe base for hair and scalp.

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Shampoo, Body Builder Mango

  • This shampoo is very helpful in cleaning your hair more deeply as it is sulfate-free and contains natural ingredients.
  • It is good because it is also free from heavy minerals, parabens, synthetic fragrances, and phthalates.
  • This shampoo is the best as it contains 100% natural and pure vegetarian ingredients, which help to get rid of hair related problems.
  • This shampoo is packed in a way as removes all the build-ups, which make your hair dull and rough.

Tru Moroccan Clarifying Shampoo

  • Clarifying shampoo should be that shampoo that is chemical-free and helps to remove all the dirt from hair.
  • This shampoo is made up of natural ingredients which never harm your hair and scalp.
  • It is the best shampoo for cutting all the hard build-ups from your hair to keep them safe and healthy.
  • It is very important to use proper clarifying shampoos for your hair to make them thicker, shiny, and dandruff free.
  • People love to have such shampoos that don’t contain any chemical related products and other harmful chemicals.

Final Verdict

According to the points mentioned above, you can understand the various signs and shampoos for clarifying your hair. These are the best clarifying shampoo for fine hair to keep them safe and healthy from harmful chemicals and severe hair loss. People should take proper care of the timings for cleaning their hair.

How Much Does Laser Tattoo Removal Cost With Laser Technology?

With the expansion of tattoos in the last few years, doctors have seen a boost in the number of people asking for tattoo removal. The factors for this differ: the tattoos may be improperly positioned or performed, the site may have ended up being contaminated, or the individual may merely have grown out of whatever impulse resulted in the tattoo.

This laser energy triggers the tattoo pigment to piece into smaller sized particles that are then removed by the body’s body immune system. Scientists have figured out which wavelengths of light to use and how to deliver the laser’s output to best remove tattoo ink.

How about laser tattoo removal

With best tattoo removal laser machine, the laser is used to selectively target and ruin the tattoo without harming the surrounding tissue, which considerably reduces scarring. Lasers have varying wavelengths and pulse periods, and different laser beams are taken in by particular colors, enabling doctors to pick the exact combination of lasers for the depth and color of a specific tattoo in addition to for multi-colored tattoos.

With any tattoo, color is extremely crucial. Black and white are the most frequently used colors, although there are other colors used. Tattoos need to have an equivalent balance of color, together with the ideal shape. If the shapes used in your design follow the shapes of your body, the tattoo will look much more remarkable. You ought to always have your tattoo used by somebody with a lot of experience.

Today, electronic tattoo makers are the most typical approaches of tattooing. With electronic tattoo weapons, the ink is injected into the skin by a group of needles that are connected to a bar. The electronic weapon relocations really quickly, entering and out of the skin numerous countless times per minute. If a skilled tattoo artist uses the weapon, the results can be remarkable. Experienced tattoo artists are always the way to go, as they have the experience to provide you the results you want. With the ideal tattoo artist and the ideal application method – you must have a tattoo that you can be happy with.

How Much Does Laser Tattoo Removal Cost

Tattoos are just irreversible illustrations or styles made in the skin

They are produced when pigment is implanted into the middlemost layer, referred to as the dermis. In the past, and still today among amateur tattoo artists, the pigment was placed by puncturing the skin with portable needles that were covered with ink. Nowadays, professional tattoos artists, however, use an electrical tattoo machine whose needle ideas are covered with the picked pigment. There are as many as 100 different colored inks to pick from. The needles hammer up and down into the skin with a motion just like that of a stitching machine and drive the pigment down into the preferred places to develop what totals up to true artworks upon a canvass of skin.

At one time, the really reference of the word tattoo conjured frightening pictures of gang members, solidified convicts, extreme right hate groups, and unusual spiritual cultists. That image changed, however, as tattoos rupture into mainstream Americana throughout the previous twenty years. The existence of around 4 thousand tattoo parlors across the country vouches for their huge appeal, especially among youths. And, it is approximated that greater than 10 million Americans have a minimum of one tattoo.

Regret their younger indiscretion

With the passage of time, not everybody stays happy with their venture into body art. Maybe as many as half of all individuals sporting tattoos grow to regret their younger indiscretion. What appeared cool and “in” on a lower arm at age sixteen can prove an obstacle to getting worked with as an airline company stewardess at age twenty-six. And a skyrocketing eagle with its wings spread out broad and coarsing up the side of the neck may look macho at seventeen, however entirely undesirable to a conservative Wall Street brokerage firm at age twenty-seven. And, obviously, an “I love Sally” heart-shaped tattoo loaded with Cupid’s arrow spread over John’s external arm is not most likely to review extremely well with the next love of his life, Jane.

Surgical excision skirted the problem of dealing straight with the ingrained pigment. Rather, if the sore were small, it was eliminated totally and the resulting injury sutured together. If it were large or its location tough to deal with, the removal was carried out in phases, permitting each surgical injury to recover before continuing to excise another part. In general, these approaches succeeded at eliminating the tattoo, however a minimum of some degree of scarring was unavoidable. It was a compromise– an appropriate scar in place an extremely visible and unwanted tattoo.

What all is involved in laser tattoo removal

Lasers and other light treatment gadgets, such as the Infrared Coagulater (IRC), are the treatments of option today. Lasers work by giving off short, extreme pulses of light that travel through the skin and target the ink. The energy from the laser light pieces the big particles of tattoo pigment allowing the body’s natural body immune system to more quickly scavenge the pigment and bring it away. This procedure generally takes numerous weeks, and numerous treatment sessions are frequently needed to attain optimum cleaning.

Since black pigment soaks up all wavelengths of light, it is paradoxically the most convenient pigment to remove. Colors, such as green, do not soak up also, and in some cases a range of lasers, with differing wavelengths, are needed to successfully deal with a various colored tattoo.

Prospective problems consist of irreversible scarring, momentary or long-term loss of pigment or extreme pigmentation. Charges for laser treatments may range from $1000-$ 3000 or more, relying on the number of treatment sessions needed, and the size, shape, colors, and location of the specific tattoo.

IRC uses non-laser infrared light to warm the area including the pigment. It fasts and simple to carry out, and usually needs less treatments than lasers. Most small tattoos can be dealt with effectively in one to 3 sessions. IRC’s effectiveness also does not rely on the specific color of the pigments included. For these factors, it is my preferred technique for handling small tattoos.


It may be relatively simple to get a tattoo, however it’s safe to say, it’s much more difficult to get one removed, and, for that matter, much more pricey.

Each of these strategies trust removing away the skin, the upper layer of the skin, and exposing the pigment-laden dermis. Following direct exposure, the ink would be extruded as part of the recovery procedure.

How to Get Rid of Body Acne in 2 Days?

Body scrubs are considered as one of the most basic yet the most reliable ways to both hydrate whatever and exfoliate the leading layer of the dead skin as you massage the muscles. While you may believe that the body scrubs are just sugar and salt, really you can use a myriad of oils and also natural active ingredients for the renewing scrub. If you need to know about utilizing massage treatment body scrubs, you can merely have a look at the following pointers.

The first

The primary step is to pick the best body scrubs for acne or just make it on your own, depending upon what you want. In many body care shops, you can quickly find olive oil body scrubs that look carefully in wetness as they exfoliate.

The second

The second action that you ought to do is to warm the body that you are going to use this scrub by doing some mild massage. If you wish to speed the procedure of warm-up, you can place some warm moist fabric on the body. You have to make certain that the individual is relaxed and is not feeling any pain like discomfort from cuts or sores, before you begin it.

The 3rd

The 3rd action is to use liberal quantity of body scrub to the specific area like hands, feet, upper back, and arms. In this action, you need to use a mild massage for working the scrub into the area. You can use a bit more pressure if the individual can endure it so that the massage can be more extensive. Attempt to occasionally simple up on the pressure and go back to the mild rubbing motion which focuses to get this scrub into the skin.

For the last action

You need to place the wet fabrics on area that you dealt with after you have used the scrub and also did the massage. After that, you have to rub out the skin for removing any residue which decided on the skin surface. You need to use cream or heavy body moisturizer for hydrating the area and also locking in all of the nutrients and wetness that are offered by the body scrub.

Homemade Body Scrub

Developing your own beauty items in your home isn’t as hard as you may believe. Lots of people are now utilizing home items to develop fantastic homemade body scrubs, they are simple to make and have fantastic results for your skin. By making items in the house you are not just saving money however you will know precisely what is going on your skin.

How to Get Rid of Body Acne in 2 Days?

Making a homemade body scrub has numerous benefits over store buying it. You will marvel the number of chemicals enter into the store ones, and these chemicals enter into your blood stream and in particular cases can be bad for you. The less chemicals we expose our bodies to the healthy we are, also making your own is fantastic for the environment. You will be utilizing absolutely natural components, and utilizing really basic strategies, to make your homemade body scrub.

Homemade body scrubs will conserve you a lot money

All of us spend excessive money at the shops on beauty items. By making them in your home you can conserve as much as 80% of the typical expense, implying you can treat yourself to something else rather.

To make the homemade body scrub, all you will require is a bowl, some determining devices, the ideal components and the ideal recipe. Finding the ideal active ingredients typically boils down to personal taste, salt, sugar and porridge oats can all be used. You just need to select what exfoliate works best for you and after that include a moisturizer such as olive or grease and you will have your homemade body scrub. When you are more positive then you can start including important oils to your mix, to make the scrub odor remarkable.

In addition to the scrub itself, many have ingredients that serve to improve the item and in turn boost your skins look and health.

– Coffee –

Ground coffee beans improve the level of exfoliation any scrub base. Coffee is outstanding for fighting cellulite as it assists rearrange fat cells and reduces the solution of extra fat cells. It also assists restrict varicose veins making them smaller sized and less obvious. Not to discuss, used in the early morning, a coffee scrub can be a fantastic pick up; the ideal way to jump begin your day.

– Salt –

There are various active ingredients that exfoliate your skin well, Salt are outstanding at relaxing your muscles, and you can use any course range of salt. Keep in mind though if you have any cuts on your skin the salt based homemade body scrub will sting. Sugar scrubs are gentler than salt ones; they do not have the same properties however odor excellent and are more affordable. If you have dry scratchy skin then porridge oats are great, they are mild on your skin however exfoliate really well.

It is just advised utilizing a scrub two times a week, particularly if your components are excellent at exfoliating. If you have delicate skin then you will need to select active ingredients that are gentler to your skin. If your start to see that your skin is red and aching, then change the active ingredients or use less typically. Some people have really delicate skin and the combination in the homemade body scrub does not suit them. This is the wonderful aspect of you making it; you can change the components, and quantity till you find one that is perfect for you.

Exploring belongs to the fun, attempting different products in your kitchen to see which ones work best for your homemade body scrub. Some will be a catastrophe, however others will leave you feeling clean, rejuvenated and all set to begin the day. By carefully exfoliating your skin not just are you eliminating all of the dirt and gunk from the world, however you are enhancing your circulation. Implying you will be much healthier and have smooth skin that you will wish to touch over and over once again.

London Olympic Games Recap, Day 11!

ZweetSport loves the Olympic Games. It is day 11 of the London Olympic Games and already spectators have witnessed the many trials and triumphs of the competing athletes. Making headlines, swimmer Michael Phelps has completed his run in the London Olympics, leaving him with 22 medals in total throughout his Olympic career, 18 of which are gold. He has officially become the most decorated Olympian of all times. Phelps says he is retiring from his career as an Olympian after the London Games. The world record holder for the 100 meter butterfly, 200 meters butterfly, and 400 meters individual medley was quoted by CNN saying (after the Olympics) “I’m just going to go and do whatever I want to do”. We’re secretly hoping he’ll be back!

An inspiring athlete for ZweetSport was Gabby Douglas, a 16-year-old competitor from our very own Bethesda, MD, stands as the very first African-American to participate in the uneven bar event. Though she was initially expected to receive a medal, she finished in 8th place…out of 8 competitors. But that did not stop her from smiling and maintaining her notoriously positive disposition. She was even quoted by Sporting News stating “I tried to finish as strongly as I could, but some days you either have it or you don’t…I’m going to try to finish on a good note”. Regardless of the results of the uneven bar and for the upcoming beam competition, Douglas will still walk away with two gold medals earned during the women’s gymnastics all-around event as well as the gymnastics team event. Not to mention the multi-million dollar endorsement deals that will be offered to her post-Olympics.

As far as the overall medal count goes, China is in the lead with 32 gold, 19 silver, and 14 bronze, followed by the United States with 29 gold, 15 silver, and 19 bronze, with the UK following up holding 19 gold, 12 silver, and 12 bronze. With 5 more days left in the 2012 Olympic Games, there’s still time for athletes in Track & Field, Basketball, Boxing, Cycling, Handball, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Volleyball, Water Polo, and more to earn their spot in Olympic history.

Olympic Inspiration: Do-It-Yourself Electrolyte Drink

Whether you’re an Olympic athlete or a weekend warrior, you sweat out nutrients called electrolytes along with water when you train hard. Electrolytes are the essential minerals that affect the amount of water in your body, the acidity (or Ph level) of your blood, your muscle function, and other important processes.

If you rehydrate your body without replacing these minerals, you could risk getting hypothermia – an electrolyte imbalance that causes vomiting, headaches, lethargy, muscle weakness, cramps, or, in more serious cases, seizures or coma.

But you don’t have to rely on bottled sports drinks full of artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners to replenish yourself during workouts. It’s easy to make your own homemade sports drink to replenish sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and other nutrients.

Healthy Electrolyte Drink

Prep time: 2 minutes
Yields: 1 serving


4 cups warm water
Juice of 1 lemon
2 tsp honey
¼ tsp salt


Mix well. Chill and serve.

Contact Shanda with any health questions you may have at [email protected] or visit her website at

Health and Hugs,
Shanda Walston, CHC AADP
(571) 250-7711

Shanda Walston

Crossfit: The Anticipation in the Air

It’s what I love about races – the excitement in the air. The nervous energy pulsating through the crowd. The feeling that today might just be day you out do yourself.
I finally realized THAT is I love about Crossfit. It’s not the individual moves or exercise — It’s the feeling of competition, motivation and ambition. You want to beat the clock, lift your heaviest and feel utterly spent at the end of a 12-min WOD (workout of the day).

Before each workout, I have a nervous rumble in my stomach. My palms are a little sweaty, my body’s amped up and I’m not really sure what to expect. It’s race day feeling. Just before crossing the starting line for a marathon when you hope to do your best but you know it’s going to be really hard. That’s what every day at Crossfit feels like.

No wonder so many people are addicted to this sport! Today, most of my body is sore in some shape or form. I did God knows how many squats yesterday and this morning’s endless rounds of push presses have got these shoulders screaming — but it’s more like screaming for joy from the pleasurable pain of hard work. And there’s much more to aim for.

I’m dying to be able to do a pull up. I am working on kipping pull-ups – the first step to the real thing. I know if my technique improves, I will have the strength to do it. I can tell I’m a little stronger because my push-ups are definitely more solid. However, I feel like I need to do some individual work with other moves to get it down. The 45 minutes of class time is just not enough! It goes to show you Crossfit requires more than just the basic effort.

The other beneficial insight I’ve gained from Crossfit is the importance of stretching. I have been a stretch slacker all my life. After my back started hurting last week, I got some help from a coach with important hamstring and IT band stretches. They have made a world of difference.

Apparently, I have extrordainarely tight hamstrings that need to be stretched out twice a day. Since I began doing this intense stretching, the back issue has disappeared. Wow (and thank goodness)! I will no longer resist my stretching obligations — including foam rolling. If I’m going to Crossfit and run all over the place, I have to make it a priority. Injuries happen — and they suck. When it comes to Crossfitting, you simply must pay attention to your body and treat it with care.

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Best Way to Start your Day- Amanda Russel’s 2 Secrets

How you start your day sets the tone for the rest of your day, and essentially how you live out your life, which is why I believe an effective morning routine can make an epic difference in your life.

People always ask me what I do for my morning routine, and so I decided I would share it, in truth I LOVE my mornings, and usually the rest of my days, and I believe it has a LOT to do with these 2 little secrets:

1. Everyday I Wake Up with My 4 Minute Energizing Ritual. This is the BEST way to start your day! All it requires is 4 minutes and it WILL change your day, your energy, how you feel, your body – there’s NO reason not to do this!

2. A Superfood High Protein, Flat Belly Breakfast
Here is my 1 minute recipe for my super starter breakfast (you can add your own favorties or tweak as you like)

-1 Cup Chobani Plain Greek Yogurt
-Stir in half chopped banana and ½ cup berries
-Add 1 tbsn Chia Seeds
-Sprinkle 1 Tbsn Ground Flax Seeds


Make this routine as natural as brushing your teeth.

They say it takes 3 solid weeks to really get into a routine, so my challenge to you is to really try to do this for 3 solid weeks and make it a regular part of your day!

You will feel AMAZING and your body will quickly see the benefits. It’s a nice little extra boost in your day. I even do this ritual before I go to the gym in the morning – its now simply a part of my morning ritual!

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Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs

ZweetSport celebrates and highlights the achievements of women business owners and promotes female entrepreneurship. Let’s face it: in a “man’s world,” women face challenges in the professional world that can often discourage us from adamantly pursuing our entrepreneurial goals. The constant battle with unequal pay, lack of advancement, stereotypes associated with working mothers, etc. all chipping away at our self-confidence and overall moral can make things pretty tough. Despite the hardships, entrepreneurial women are emerging as leaders, with different points of view and creative input that their male counterparts have failed to produce. In fact, according to OpenForum the growth of women-owned businesses is accelerating at a pace faster than that of any other group: soaring to a rate 1.5 times greater than the growth rate of male owned businesses in just the past 15 years!

Tremendous strides aside, there is still room for improvement, as is illustrated by the infographic below. Women still suffer difficulties at the 5-to-9 employee and $250,000-$499,999 levels, and despite owning 29% of businesses, women-owned operations contribute merely 4% revenue and 6% to employment in the United States workforce.

But don’t give up! Despite not living in an ideal world of equality, women still have the power and potential to turn the workforce (along with the economy) around. ZweetSport owners, Marja Toan and Kimberly Landini, are shining examples of how persistence prevails. From the very first sketches to our 3rd line coming out in the Fall/Winter 2012, we’ve invested our time, energy, and brain power into developing and nurturing our active wear company into the successful (and still growing!) entity. In October ’09, ZweetSport was formed, and since we’ve acquired Brand Ambassadors and even more ZweetSport support from women well known and highly active in the pole dance, Bikram, and fitness communities. Names such as Jessalynn Mediary (Pole Pressure DC), Karri Telford (Pole Pressure Leesburg & Miss South Carolina Pole Champion 2011), Katie Shewbridge (Maryland Yoga Asana Champion 2012), Amanda Russell (Celebrity Fitness Expert & Entreprenuer), Kristen Novosad (Entrepreneur & Miss Pole VA 2012), and Jana Stewart (Entrepreneur & Fitness Model) have graced the pages of ZweetSport’s blog, rock ZweetSport’s athletic apparel, but most importantly are #PoweringTomorrow as women business owners.

ZweetSport, along with female entrepreneurs, and fans of female entrepreneurs everywhere, should strive to reach even greater heights. This conversation is just the beginning and the implications are profound: woman entrepreneurs have the ability to turn our economy around. Let’s do it! #PoweringTomorrow!

Positive Thoughts Lead to a Happy Healthy Life!

The most important health and fitness step you can take is learning peace . Wondering what I mean? Take a quick inventory of your thoughts. As you are reading this, are you replaying some event from earlier today? Was it unpleasant? Can you change it? If not, then visualize letting that ugliness slip away and out of your life.

Think about your shoulders. Are they hunched and tense? You don’t really need that tension, do you? Stretch. Shrug your shoulders. Realize when you start doing this to yourself. Pay attention to the times when you’re on autopilot, on your commute or when you’re falling asleep at night. If your thoughts are biting themselves in the tail and can’t stop, tell them firmly that this is your mind, and chase them out.

Worrying about something you possibly can solve ? By all means, turn it over in your mind and see if it looks any different than it did earlier. But not for too long, or it’s stuckness too. Do you hear a little voice telling you that you’ll never get that bikini body, or jeering when your diet makes you so crazy that you go out and get a gallon of ice cream?

Stop. Take a deep breath. What you say to yourself matters very much, on a deep and primal level. Recognize it for what it is, a distorted echo that will lead you astray if you believe it.

This kind of despair can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Worse, it will actually make you sick if you listen. Stress and unhappiness can increase your blood pressure and depress your immune function. That’s not how to win the Miss America pageant. Or even just reach your fitness goals. Unhealthy patterns will only make it harder to become the radiant example of womanhood you were always meant to be. Happiness increases with your level of fitness. Studies show that being happy and active can stabilize your health, and correlates with a positive outlook on life. So any time you feel stressed, try throwing on your cutest ZweetSport gear and hitting up a Bikram yoga class to unwind and recapture your peace of mind instead of wallowing in negativity.

But just because you’re already in good health and living a good life, don’t assume that you don’t still have a frightened child deep down inside. Catch yourself when you have just eaten something unquestionably not good for you . Why did you do that? Don’t berate yourself – just replay the moment. Were you feeling deprived? Rebelling against a parent that never lets you have any fun? Maybe the parent part of your mind should give the kid a break. Part of the reason nutrition habits can be difficult to break is that we learned them in childhood. Don’t let your inner parent tell you what a loser you are. The part of you that is a child wants to please.

So offer yourself strawberries. Pistachios. Cherry tomatoes. Pay attention to what goes in your mouth, and also what comes out. DingDongs are not nutrients. Have one occasionally if it will keep you from running out to 7-11, but why do you want to? Do you even like Ding Dongs? Ok then.

Show your child a better reward — tangy kiwi quarters. Sweet tangerines. Don’t drag yourself to the gym. Go swimming, or hiking, or even just walking. Move your body, and love doing it. Find out how much fun fitness can be. And stop telling people that you are trying to lose weight. Unhunch your shoulders, smile, and tell them how much fun it is to get back into shape. Teach yourself good nutrition by learning how good it tastes.

Make Health & Fitness a way of Life!