ZweetSport celebrates and highlights the achievements of women business owners and promotes female entrepreneurship. Let’s face it: in a “man’s world,” women face challenges in the professional world that can often discourage us from adamantly pursuing our entrepreneurial goals. The constant battle with unequal pay, lack of advancement, stereotypes associated with working mothers, etc. all chipping away at our self-confidence and overall moral can make things pretty tough. Despite the hardships, entrepreneurial women are emerging as leaders, with different points of view and creative input that their male counterparts have failed to produce. In fact, according to OpenForum the growth of women-owned businesses is accelerating at a pace faster than that of any other group: soaring to a rate 1.5 times greater than the growth rate of male owned businesses in just the past 15 years!

Tremendous strides aside, there is still room for improvement, as is illustrated by the infographic below. Women still suffer difficulties at the 5-to-9 employee and $250,000-$499,999 levels, and despite owning 29% of businesses, women-owned operations contribute merely 4% revenue and 6% to employment in the United States workforce.

But don’t give up! Despite not living in an ideal world of equality, women still have the power and potential to turn the workforce (along with the economy) around. ZweetSport owners, Marja Toan and Kimberly Landini, are shining examples of how persistence prevails. From the very first sketches to our 3rd line coming out in the Fall/Winter 2012, we’ve invested our time, energy, and brain power into developing and nurturing our active wear company into the successful (and still growing!) entity. In October ’09, ZweetSport was formed, and since we’ve acquired Brand Ambassadors and even more ZweetSport support from women well known and highly active in the pole dance, Bikram, and fitness communities. Names such as Jessalynn Mediary (Pole Pressure DC), Karri Telford (Pole Pressure Leesburg & Miss South Carolina Pole Champion 2011), Katie Shewbridge (Maryland Yoga Asana Champion 2012), Amanda Russell (Celebrity Fitness Expert & Entreprenuer), Kristen Novosad (Entrepreneur & Miss Pole VA 2012), and Jana Stewart (Entrepreneur & Fitness Model) have graced the pages of ZweetSport’s blog, rock ZweetSport’s athletic apparel, but most importantly are #PoweringTomorrow as women business owners.

ZweetSport, along with female entrepreneurs, and fans of female entrepreneurs everywhere, should strive to reach even greater heights. This conversation is just the beginning and the implications are profound: woman entrepreneurs have the ability to turn our economy around. Let’s do it! #PoweringTomorrow!