ZweetSport loves the Olympic Games. It is day 11 of the London Olympic Games and already spectators have witnessed the many trials and triumphs of the competing athletes. Making headlines, swimmer Michael Phelps has completed his run in the London Olympics, leaving him with 22 medals in total throughout his Olympic career, 18 of which are gold. He has officially become the most decorated Olympian of all times. Phelps says he is retiring from his career as an Olympian after the London Games. The world record holder for the 100 meter butterfly, 200 meters butterfly, and 400 meters individual medley was quoted by CNN saying (after the Olympics) “I’m just going to go and do whatever I want to do”. We’re secretly hoping he’ll be back!

An inspiring athlete for ZweetSport was Gabby Douglas, a 16-year-old competitor from our very own Bethesda, MD, stands as the very first African-American to participate in the uneven bar event. Though she was initially expected to receive a medal, she finished in 8th place…out of 8 competitors. But that did not stop her from smiling and maintaining her notoriously positive disposition. She was even quoted by Sporting News stating “I tried to finish as strongly as I could, but some days you either have it or you don’t…I’m going to try to finish on a good note”. Regardless of the results of the uneven bar and for the upcoming beam competition, Douglas will still walk away with two gold medals earned during the women’s gymnastics all-around event as well as the gymnastics team event. Not to mention the multi-million dollar endorsement deals that will be offered to her post-Olympics.

As far as the overall medal count goes, China is in the lead with 32 gold, 19 silver, and 14 bronze, followed by the United States with 29 gold, 15 silver, and 19 bronze, with the UK following up holding 19 gold, 12 silver, and 12 bronze. With 5 more days left in the 2012 Olympic Games, there’s still time for athletes in Track & Field, Basketball, Boxing, Cycling, Handball, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Volleyball, Water Polo, and more to earn their spot in Olympic history.